Sunday, May 16, 2010

Single Track Sanctuary! Women and Children always welcome.

Big Day of Trail Work was done today Thanks to Rushmore Mountain Sports and the Country Side Congregation for helping stomp in more trail for the Five-OOOHHH! I was a little overwhelmed when I saw all the non riders at Big Hill Trailhead. I was expecting more like 6-10 helpers not 20 plus. It was a 1/2 mile walk in and over a mile of trail was roughed then buffed then delicately pattered with children's feet. They were all troopers and stomped and packed it in and back all the way out again.
Some of the above pics is the mellow stuff, stay tuned for more "buffed trail" shots.
Looking forward to posting riding pics but till this link is complete there will be little rest or rides....
Next trail day, Bike to Work Week. Work to Bike, meeting May 22 at 9 am Rushmore Mountain Sports. Bring appropriate clothing, a drink, and snacks. Mostly for me. Trail tools and transportation will be provided if needed.
Give Thanks and High Fives!

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