Monday, January 25, 2010

Yo Yo Yo Let It Snow

I know this is a bike blog but I love the seasons. I hope your making some tracks, wether it be biking, snow or both. It has been some time since posting and alot of things are going on since then. We have been getting around to some changes for the 10th Annual Dakota Five-0. We have decided to go with a new on line registration process and it is up and running. There will no longer be registration morning of the Five-0!! Be sure to get in on the early registration reduced rates and secure your position. We are limiting the number of riders to 500...
If you did not receive your 2009 T-shirt be sure to contact me. I sent out T-shirts to out of state riders and left the others at local bike shops. (You should have been contacted or left phone messages).
Les is working on the Oh-Ten design for the 10th, I am sure it will represent well. Thanks for checking in, I will continue to post updates as the trails begin to dry.

If your interested in spectating or participating in the 3rd Annual Mikey P Jam check the website and holler back with questions. It is a snowboard and skiing slopestyle event at Terry Peak Ski Area. Mikey P was a child hood friend who took the snowboarding world to new levels.
The kids are getting rad! Be sure to check it out, if in doubt air it out!