Thursday, February 10, 2011

We Love Pow

Ridge Riders have been enjoying the fresh snow. This is what we do when the trails are buried and the temps are freezing! Go BBBBuuurrrrrrly.
Good things are lining up for the 11th Annual Dakota Five-0. Salsa Cycles stepped up and are donating a Spearfish Bike and other assorted goodies for the raffle/prize table.
Mafia Racing will also be sponsoring the "Bacon Station" with PBR kegs to wash down the dirt.
Thanks to these fine sponsors for making the Five-0 Flavorfull.
We are getting stoked to work trail and pedal, but getting the snowtrack while it is good.
Working on the 4th Annual Mikey P Jam. Be sure to check it out if your in the area. Super good time! Cheap Ticket to paradise or at least Terry Peak.