Monday, July 11, 2011

Tinton Trail Never Fails/Best of the Bacon Poems

The 6th Annual Tinton Trail Time Trial Stupor D was another successful day in the woods of riding bicycles. 91 Riders participated on a near perfect day for ripping. The air was filled with moisture and fog rolled thru the trees. It never rained but was damp enough to leave the trail tacky and fast. Riders got their pre-rides on in the am. Thanks to all the shuttles provided riders could get 2-3 runs on the six mile course. The course dropped 1500' and is 90 percent tight singletrack. Winning times were 20-25 minutes. Dash for Cash had a new champion Jim Meyer 20:28 founder of Quarq Technologies based here in Spearfish. Jim has settled for 2,3, & 4th's at this race previous years so he earned this one. Second place went to John Eppen 20:47 who was ripping it up on the singlespeed and Ryan Niesent both from Spearfish for a tie! The Junior's Rock is stacked up with up and coming rippers! The fastest went to Zack Hansen 23:4 representative of the local Rushmore Mountain Sports. Another Hansen made a first place podium visit, Women's Open Petra Hansen 23:14 from Spearfish/Germany... It was a solid bunch of fast felines with some competitive times. The Steer for Beer clASS was stacked as well with 38 thirsty riders. Andrew Wachs 22:10 was the first place winner taking home a Crow Peak growler and refill. Top 3 riders all got Crow Peak growlers and all the microbrew they could drink.
Pulled Pork sandwiches, vegi burgers and Crow Peak Brews were hitting the spot, as we rounded up little tots for the best race of the day the KID RACES:

Thanks to Crow Peak brewery for providing two sweet kegs for this event. Thanks to Kevin Jasper for taking on the event so that it continued for a 6th year. And of course all the riders and sponsors@!

Bacon Station Sensation!
Several months ago we posted a little contest on the Dakota Five-0 Facebook.
We are starting off the competition with a poetry contest for this years Five-0. The poem may be of any kind, as long as it is about our much loved "Bacon Station". The prize may be anything from Bacon Bandages to a Salsa Spearfish.....but it will more than likely be a custom Five-O jersey from Twin Six, one of our fine sponsors. You have until July 1st to submit your poem by either posting it to The Five-O facebook homepage or sending it in a private message. Get your poet on!!

Below are the Awarded Winners!

Gord Buhr 1st place winner

I've never ridden the Dakota five oh
but I'm willing to try and give it a go
Fifty miles long, I wonder if I'll finish
I better start now, eating my spinach

Dakota five oh with the sweet bacon station
Dakota five oh, I have to have patience
Dakota five oh, I'm full of elation
I'll definitely be stopping at the sweet bacon station

The black hills are gorgeous at that time of year
leaves full of color and ranches with steers
the smell in the air is of late summer or fall
but the smell of the bacon is loved by all

Dakota five oh with the sweet bacon station
Dakota five oh, I have to have patience
Dakota five oh, I'm full of elation
I'll definitely be stopping at the sweet bacon station

So I'll pedal and sweat and I'll have no regret
and I'll climb and descend for miles you can bet
but whatever I do on the day of the race
I'll surely have bacon all over my face

Dakota five oh with the sweet bacon station
Dakota five oh, I have to have patience
Dakota five oh, I'm full of elation

I'll definitely be stopping at the sweet bacon station

Soundpony 2nd place winner

A poem by Mike Detter

I ride so hard sometimes sweat

oozes out the vents in my helmet

like puss from a bed sore on the ass of an octogenarian.

My muscles scream for forgiveness,

knowing full well they did nothing to deserve this abuse.

I think of root canals without anesthesia.

What joy that would be now.

Last fuel station was ages ago.

The dust mixes with the little saliva available

Clogging my air passages with dirt clods.

Sheets of clouds blanket the hills.

Occasionally the sun rips through shining a spotlight on me

Like the kid with no rhythm dancing in a talent show.

Nothing but dirt and endless tracks over the horizon.

Pieces of cow pies fling from my tires and hurl past my cheeks.

Some stick to my downtube holding on for a ride out of the wilderness.

The bacon station is far removed from my memory,

like an acid trip during the 80's and the Go Go's.

I'm sorry to say goodbye to salty strips of goodness and warm beer.

Flashbacks still haunt me though and 'We Got the Beat' plays through my mind.

The 80's sucked.

A reflector gleams in front of me off the seat of a Huffy.

I pedal harder.

The reflector fades in the distance.


Katie Pate 3rd Place winner

The trails of Spearfish beckon,
And all come from far and wide
To sample the beer and bacon,
Gastronomical perks of this ride.

The Dakota Five-0 will challenge,
It’ll put your will to the test.
Oh, how sweet the moment,
When you complete your bacon-y quest.

It may get rough, it may get dirty,
You might even bust a crank.
But have no fear, victory is near
When you have PBR in the tank.

When your energy begins to dissipate,
The Bacon Station comes into view.
Like a beacon of light in darkness,
That bacon will get you through.

Smell that delicious, meaty goodness,
And a smile will cross your face.
For the happiest of all cyclists
Are full of bacon at the end of the race!