Sunday, October 31, 2010

Harvesting an Indian Summer

Ridge Riders Fuel Reduction Program- Cleaning Lines for Snowier Times.
Halloween Day
L.B. and Mar...
Smells Like Up Dawg.
Whats Up Dawg?
Dead and Down, getting mowed way down. K4 in a mess.

Dakine Builders Pack has served us well. I would highly recommend one, when you need one.
It's rocky riding around here. Carpet Fibers not at its best. Warranty?

Above the tree between my seat and handlebars you can faintly see the DakoTA Ridge Trail descending Citadel Rim.

Oct. 19 Riding For Todd Andrew Way Day
Harvested on Dakota Five-0 Trail,
right here.

This Led to the stump.

Tight Stump above Twin Bridges Trail (Five-O). TA hated it, We loved him for it....

Little Bear Rock-Tinton Trail.

Slipping past the bench seat, DakoTA Ridge.

Working it with Kristi, Lookout Mountain Ridge Trail(good winter riding)....

Mickelson Trail rambling with the Queen City Ramblers, Oct. 1st.
Busting on thru to the other side...

Mess with the Bull and You get the Horns!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Bacon Station Location Pics!

Been getting out, cause it is nice out,,, Rocktober! Proceeded by Sept.splender. Good Times in the Black Hills. But before I bore you with any of that, I think I should share some pics from the Oh-Ten Five-O Bacon Station Location. Christian Baird's pics are featured below. He is the GM of the Bacon Station and breaks away for camera time. Thanks...
11yr. Old Cade Quigley

Bill Warren Spearfish Local's Handups

Were getting Married. Rider 420 proposes to rider 421 and she accepts!
This paperboy looks to be happy with his Suspension Bike.
Giddy Up! Spirit of Five-O, Sean Burns, mpls. maffia
IMBA's Jenn Dice styles the new DakoTA Ridge trail.

Fat Chance, but he did make the next section!
Bruce likes being Loose.
CRC rep out of kit, but on gas.