Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Five-0 Wrap

The 9th Annual Dakota Five-O was another year of great racing, broken records, and a broken nose! With 389 riders there are going to be some great stories in 50 miles of mountain biking. Some of the highlights for me outside the Smokey Bear start, was 9 year old Cade Quigley's 5hr 51min. finish! He is a local rider that has a big back yard to practice in. Speaking of youngsters my daughter Sierra rider #13 age 13 completed her first Five-O in an impressive 8hrs. See me now, See proud Dad.
Oh yeah the broken course record was done by non other than local fast moma Nancy Busching Blazing in a 4hr. 34min. women's record. Earning her $350 cash and a Garmin Edge 705 GPS system donated by QuarQ Technology a local Spearfish cycling company.
The last three riders crossed the line around 11 and a half hours. We took those three riders names and drew for the Spirit of Todd Andrew award the sweet cruiser bike! Tami Crist from Minn. was the winner. These 3 women toughed it out to the very end not knowing or maybe knowing there was nothing left in the park for them. We let them finish and they were awarded for the effort. The farther you go the better it gets, Five-O love...
Over $4000 in cash awarded and many prizes raffled again this year. Thanks to all the support of our sponsors to make this possible. What about our volunteers!? Wow they totally give it up, to make the riders feel like rock stars.
We have continued to grow beyond our expectations are making big plans for the 10th Annual Dakota Five-O in 2010. Stay tuned in and Ride Your Bikes Everywhere!