Saturday, August 15, 2009

Five-0 Trail Prep

New 2009 Dakota Five-0 Art Work, thanks again to Les Heiserman. Les continues to crank out some original designs with lots of detail and deep deep meaning. He has done loads of art work for cycling in the Black Hills. The Ridge Riders logo from 1985, to a ten year state championship series in Deadwood, SD. A ten year series in the Bearlodge Mountains, Black Hills, Wyoming, and now the 9th Annual Five-0. You've got to meet this guy, his art work is a good introduction.
We have been trying to get a new section added to the Five-0 and have put lots of work into it, but it will have to wait for the next year, 10th Annual. We have run out of time and the red tape with the US Forest Service has proven again to take too much time for approval. It will be very nice when done. If you would like a visit to this area or help with trail work, stay in touch.
We will be using the same course as the last 8 years, which is pretty excellent mountain biking. We will have a hand groomed line on the Citadel Slide, that takes some technical ability to ride. It is a short tech section, but will make you pucker. The course in general is in very lush conditions with all the rain. We will continue to hand groom sections and weed eat the tall stuff. Hope to see you on the trail. There pre-riding it now!