Thursday, May 17, 2012

Back at it!

The 12th Annual Dakota Five-0 is going to be another big year judging by the interest day of registration.  April 1st we opened registration at 7am and shortly after 11am 602 riders registered, No Fooling!  Wow we were a little surprised and it put us in a bad place having friends and family not get in, Sorry if you didn't...   We did however start a waiting list and had two hundred riders within a couple days.  We have already taken 100 riders off that list and let them in as well?.  The plan is to keep the numbers around 720 registered riders and incorporate a 3 wave start to break riders up.

I would like to Thank Les Heiserman for 11 years of top notch Dakota Five-0 T-shirt designs!  His work represents our event and will be missed, but after 11 years he is running out of ideas.
So with that we are running an ART CONTEST! Below you find it as it was posted on the Dakota Five-0 Facebook page....
It's a sad day for us at the Five-O headquarters, as we have news that our longtime artist, Les Heiserman, will no longer be doing the artwork for the Five-O T-shirt! With that being said....we need help. Now I know there are many talented cyclists out there, as last year we had some amazing poems come in for our Five-O Bacon Station poetry contest....but do we have any artists out there?? I guess we will find out! We would like to hold a 12th annual Dakota Five-O art contest for this years Five-O Logo. We will give everyone interested until July 1st to get their artwork to us for review. The winner will recieve $300 and will have their artwork displayed on our webpage, advertising for this year's race, and of course on this year's T-shirt! All judging will be done by us, and if we don't get any entries we will just have to make something up ourselves (and we're not so talented in that department). You do not have to be a racer to enter the contest.
Get your art on!!! Pedal Power
Send your submission to:

I  wrapped up the 5th Annual Mikey P Jam on March 24th with some decent snow and warm temps.  With the record high temps in March we skipped the mud season and had dry trails early.  
I hit the trails and gravel grinding for base miles after a year of building our new home and it feels good to get ON the Bike!  So if you plan on stopping by our old house near the start/finish of the Five-0 Kristi and I are no longer living in that convenient spot.  We are now out by Crow Peak near one of our favorite Black Hills rides. Good riding out the door is a given anywhere in Spearfish.

Below are a bunch of random pics from this Spring's Rides.  If a pic is worth a thousand words this is a really long EZ read.  Enjoy

Crangle Connection Trail

The (THAD) up and over above Taco Alley. The four fence crossing in the Five-0 are all now roll overs.

The Old Baldy Lake (mud hole) Bridge

Some of the trail work ahead of us on the Rimrock Trail

A miners cabin ready for a new resident!

Another Miners cabin, that would make a nice fixer upper.  Great Location, Spearfish Mountain!

Cement Ridge Fire Lookout above Spearfish and just into Wwwyyyooommmiiinnnggg!

Typical cabins along Black Hills Gravel roads.

Great Place to fix a flat I guess...
 100+ mile long Mickelson Trail.  Non motorized No brainer riding.

 Cheyenne Crossing Store (good food).  Formerly the Deadwood Cheyenne Stagecoach stop.

 Random stop off for Gin and Tonic and snacks on my ride thru Spearfish Canyon w/ old friends.

 Lora one of our volunteers points out the new Ridge Rider sticker in the Beulah Bar.  Great place
 Alladin, Wyoming population 15.  Great Bacon and Pie!

 Great watering hole, I frequent.

 Crow Peak Crew Cruise on our Anniversary!

 Boundary Gulch Wyoming/South Dakota

 Tinton Ghost Town....

 Potato Spring=Good watering hole

 Five-0 flat above Sheep Flats Aid Station

 Southern Black Hills Semelius Centennial Trail

 Spearfish Mountain Area Lake I never new about!

 Potato Creek Johnny's Old Cabin- he found the largest gold nugget ever recorded in the Black Hills.  It was the size of a small fist and was found near aid station #3 Sheep Flats on the Five-0 course.

Roughlock Falls in Little Spearfish Canyon.

More singletrack and bikepacking pics to follow.
Get out and Ride!