Saturday, May 22, 2010

Butts N Elbows

Another Big Day of Busting Trail, and much prevailed! You got to see it to believe it. We tied it together, after 3 years of scouting, rerouting, realizing and finalizing it is ready to be ridden. Thanks to the big crew for pulling thru. If your in the area and want to ride this section or anything in the northern hills or Five-0 check with the local bike shops or contact the Ridge Riders.

Munro Earthmoving Represented.

Ridge Riders Represented!

Black Hills Fat Tire Festival May 28-31, Rapid City SD
Races: Hill Climb, Super D, and Dowhill among others.
Loads of New Trails to Ride, Lots of places to get out and Hide, and Rides to Socialize.
Check it out and See You There.
Don't Despair Lots of New Trail To Share!

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