Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Inspiration for Exploration

I headed out for another 3 days of bike packing mid July and explored some new stuff and cruised some old stuff.  This was my third trip of the season in preparation for the Colorado Trail Race.  

Heading out w/ a few loose screws.  This Maxxis Icon XO sidewalled tire has managed to hold up for about 500 miles now and only pumped it a couple times in the last couple weeks.  The rear one tore within a couple rides.  I have had terrible luck w/ ripping sidewalls and blowing out tires this year...  I am now running the cheapest most durable tire I can find for the rear, a CST Caballero.

Osprey Nest Crook County line, Wwyyoommiingg
 Ranch A near Sand Cr.  Gangster hangout!

Grand Canyon near the Wyoming line.

 Echinacea / Purple Coneflower 

You can see an arch in the right side of the upper cliff

Lots of old homesteads along the Custer Expedition route.  Some of them were stage stops for the Cheyenne to Deadwood stage coach.  Others mining camps and prospectors camps.

On the Custer Black Hills Expedition Trail of 1874

Cold Springs Creek

Not trespassing just passing thru.

Night riding when creepy crawly things pop out!

Hell Canyon Trail is worth riding the 5 mile loop! It is near Jewell Cave Nat. Park outside Custer.
Raspberries by the handfuls..

Sitting the storm out in Oreville on the Mickelson Trail

Silver City Community Center

Nemo Bar hitching post!

 Nothing but a big nail has stopped the Caballero's.  It still wanted to hold air?
I continued on from Nemo back to Elk Cr. on Centennial Trail in some super heat before dropping out in Sturgis. Great trip, I can't wait to share some more w/ friends and meet some new friends on the CTR!
Expect some updates from the next experience. We will be hitting the trail work when I return so we have a buffed out Dakota Five-0 course for all the riders come Sept. 2!
Pedal Power


teamfubar said...

Awesome post Perry! A couple things...

1. How's come the year I decide to go big, everyone else decides to go even bigger, like doing the CTR?I can't keep up w/ you guys. Mad, mad props to you for doin' it!

2. Shoulda left the nail and the screw in for studded traction goodness!

Unknown said...

Good luck Perry, with the CTR!! Enjoy the amazing ride!!