Thursday, June 11, 2009

Way Cool Juneior

Tuff mountain biking in the rain and sleet, but part of mountain  biking from time to time.  I have  been riding the cross bike much more, it is my primary "road" bike.  Good for trail soaked days.  Rails, gravel, and road, dirt and grime, Takes a Lickin keeps on Ticken.  Not something you already don't know, just stoked on it myself at the moment. 

4th Annual Tinton Trail Time Trials Super D, June 21st!  I have caught the trail dry a couple of times this year, and it is in good shape.  I will get out next week and groom the snow bent saplings and rough areas.  A couple of things I didn't mention in the website or flyer was great camping at trailhead.  Enjoy it while you can, it has been a real quiet Trailhead for years.  In the future it may be become an ATV dump off point....  Following?  At the Stupor D we will be tapping one of the finest microbrews available to trail riders. Crow Peak Brewery Tinton Trail Ale, or possibly Five-O Stout?  Thanks to this fine establishment!  It should go well with the barbeque.  Kids Race, Singletrack, Barbeque, good camping, Summer Solstice Cyclism!  Come and celebrate, ride a bike... 

Joe Etzkorn the local wrench at Rushmore Mountain Sports is getting hitched up with Leslie, Officially June 20th!  He has been an ASSet to the Five-O Aid Station #1.  This is Joe and Leslie at Big Hill Trailhead 8th Annual Dakota Five-0, providing the aid!  Good luck making the Stupor D the next morning!  His idea!  

Ramblers hosted the Crow Peak Challenge May 31st.  It is a good ride!  If you're in the Northern Black Hills, and want a good tech climb with views and descent to match, be sure to get it in!  I had a great clean ride up with only two dabs.  Not so clean on the gravel ride home.  Some aggressive passing led to a handlebar tap and I was down, Big Ringing to Bell Ringing.  High impact gravel slide out.  7 Stitches in the leg and 3 in the arm.  Luckily I was able to pull off a century 4 days later as a gimped Rapha host. 

This Week's Way Cool Junior!  More to come from Junior.

Rapha Continental Riders showed up last week and rode the Black Hills North to South.  It was a pleasure to ride with the crew.  I thought for sure when I was contacted they wanted to ride the Five-O course.  I came up with an alternative, that worked out to be a great route.  Let me know if you're interested in doing this one.  There are several shuttle services available to accommodate vehicle shuttles.  Ending at the Custer State Park Game Lodge was  a nice touch.  Where the Buffalo, Elk, and Mountain Goats roam.  Great Watering Hole, TATANKA!

L. to R.
Luke Kretchmar, Robert Andre, Aaron Erbeck, and Tony Pereira.
Pleasure to ride with you!

Daniel Wakefield Whiteshoes Pasley, lensman!  
I look forward to seeing his Black Hills shots.


Lots of Rides Going Down, hope to see you out there.  Summer is around the corner..go big!  The farther you go the better it gets!


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