Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Trail Scouting

I stayed home from snowboarding at Beartooth Pass this Memorial Weekend to partake in the BH Fat Tire Festival, and it was good. Hill Climb on Friday night had about 30 gluttons for punishment. It was just under a mile of gravel road climbing, no tech, just hammerfesting. Winning times were around 7 minutes something... Micah from Colorado took the win. Sat. m0rning was the xc race. The expert course was to be about 20 miles which turned out to be 15. It was also on M Hill and had some great trail with technical sections. Good course for the middle of town. My daughter Sierra did the beginner 8 mile course and loved it. Great to see her enjoy riding and racing. She won, lots better than me. Couple Colorado guys took the top two places with some locals biting at their wheels. Lots of rides going on during the days.

Super D on Sunday went well, some shuttles provided some practice runs down a 2 mile course. Some pedaling was involved to keep it real. Not sure how it all went down, but there was some winners. No injuries to speak of. Pretty fun weekend, nice to see someone else sweating it. Thanks for supporting Mountain Biking!

I have been scouting some reroutes for the Dakota Five-0, per the US Forest Service. The Citadel Slide, the most technical descent in the Five-0 will be replaced... Depending on approval it could add some time to race but the scenery and trail should be worth it. Besides we will have another great trail to ride. I will keep you posted as it develops!

I have been fortunate enough to gather some more sponsors. Quarq Technologies will be donating a Garmin Edge 705 for the fastes man and women! More prizes than you can shake a fork at for all others from the likes of Dakine, Pearl Izumi, Ellsworth Bicycles, and all the local bike shops. Summer is around the corner and I hope your all finding time to RIDE!

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