Friday, May 1, 2009

Back in the Saddle

Nice to be riding again.  The trails are still curing out around the hills, but the cross bike has provided the "fix' I need.  More good gravel cruising around Spearfish that you can comprehend.  Yesterday cranked out a ride from Rochford, SD population 15 down the Mickelson Trail to the old ghost-town of Mystic and on to Hill City.  Turned around and rode it back...  Out scouting a one day, north to south Black Hills road ride.  Rapha riders are coming through to feature a Black Hills Ride.  They do a real nice job with the photography and cinematography, capturing the spirit of the rides.  Hope to show them a good one day sample of what we got.  The riding today won't lack any opportunity for colorful pics and historical mining culture. Very Nice, sure to bring a camera next time....

The US Forest Service extended the comment period for the proposed travel management here in the Black Hills. Take a look at the alternatives and make a comment by May 18th. Google Black Hills National Forest Travel Management. The Forest Travel management issue really is huge. Get familiar with the issues and make an imformed comment. Once the new rules are established it will be hard to close them! Next lesson learn to paste links into this window...

Yearning for some more dry singletrack. Rode Lookout Mountain today and it was good, to be back in the dirt, where my heart is at. The trails are old and well worn, and drain well in the spring. A new fresh loop would be nice around the summit.
We need to organize some trail work and finish Hopa Mesa Loop.
I'm Rapha here!

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