Monday, March 28, 2016

What's New for the 2016 Dakota Five-O

As we gear up for registration to open up this Friday, April 1st 2016 at 7am mtn time, we'd like to announce a few changes we've made for the race.  First off, registration will now be held with!  We have been in contact with bikereg and hope to ensure a smooth registration process for all of you.  There will also be a waitlist available on the site, so if you aren't able to get in, you can add your name to the waitlist in hopes of a rider not being able to make it, and you being able to take their spot! The waitlist is capped at 100 riders.
During registration there will now be an option to buy extra T-shirts!  Every year we are bombarded with folks asking to buy extra T-shirts so this will be your chance to get a shirt for friends, family or your own collection.  Our t-shirts aren't the typical cut and paste, same logo year after year T-shirts.  They are custom pieces of art that are hand drawn every year by artist and fellow Ridge Rider, Les Heiserman, and in my opinion are a collectible item!
We have also added a 60 and over class this year, due to the continued pleading from the folks that
continue to amaze us with their fitness at 60 plus years of age!  Way to be an inspiration to all of us riders that hope to continue on riding after we retire, and have ample time to enjoy the outdoors by bike!
Finally, our sponsors and friends at Dykstra Pottery/Good Earth and Healthsourse Chiropractic, are offering a $500 bonus to any Single Speed rider that can take an overall win at the Dakota Five-O race/ride/tour.  To clarify, this doesn't mean winning just the single speed class, but the overall field...all classes included.  We've always had a soft spot for the single speeder here at the Five-O, so here is a chance for you burly riders to take home the bacon!!  Can it be done???  We'll have to see.
We look forward to seeing you all on the line.  Pedal Power!!

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